Alienware Alpha Updates Its Custom Gaming Laptop With Improved ‘HiveMind’ Interface (Hands-on)

The Alpha UI, as it was initially known as, let you alter some settings, hook up with networks and shows, or exit to the Home windows 8 desktop, but its main goal was to funnel avid gamers to the constructed-in Steam software, which is a web based recreation store and library created by sport publisher Valve. Both the Alpha UI and Steam were set up to be managed with a Microsoft Xbox 360 sport controller, without requiring a keyboard or mouse.

Distinctive to Jaguar’s ABS was “yaw management,” which compensated for side-to-side variances in floor friction. The decrease rear wishbones’ interior pivot points had been situated to offer a so-referred to as pendulum motion claimed to limit toe and camber adjustments while offering greater lateral stiffness for onerous cornering; a reworked front subframe eradicated camber adjustments. Additionally new was Hydraulic Control Valve rear leveling by way of an engine-pushed pump shared with the brakes (which received electronically mandated precedence in the occasion of a fluid leak or different malfunction).

GM’s Computer Command Management (CCC) emission system improved driveability somewhat whereas lending a hand in meeting 1981’s stricter emissions laws, however bigger information got here within the form of a brand new 4-pace automated transmission with lengthy-legged 0.67:1 overdrive fourth gear. Mixed with a lock-up torque converter, a Caprice or Impala with the 305-cubic-inch V-8 (the only engine available with the four-velocity automatic) registered a formidable 26 EPA freeway miles-per-gallon, a figure that could very practically be duplicated in “actual world” driving.

Available towing apparatus began with a simple extra-cost pintle hook, a heavy-obligation unit mounted on the frame’s rear cross member. Another option was a draw bar that could possibly be easily adjusted to totally different heights and made off-center towing potential. With the support of these two towing units a buyer could carry out many types of pulling jobs with a Power Wagon.

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