Amici Restironte has been bringing factual Italian food

Since 2013 Amici Restironte has been bringing factual Italian food to the people of Hobart. Our menu contains favourites from northern and southern Italy, made with fresh and domestically sourced ingredients.

Our family friendly restaurant is perfect for at home date nights, family dinners and gatherings with friends at amici restironte. We offer a range of vegetarian and vegan dishes from mind-blowing pastas, yummy risottos to crispy flavoursome pizzas.

Our dishes are at all times made fresh and to order. You can visit to order our menus


Opening Hours
Tuesdays and Sundays: 5:30pm – 8:30pm

Wednesday to Saturday: 5:30pm – Late


DESSERT GELATO 8.5 three scoops per serve. Ask our team of workers for flavours of the day DECONSTRUCTED- CASSATA 9.5 Quenelles of Tasmanian Valhalla Cassata Ice-cream filled with capsules of Dutch chocolate glazed fruits, almonds served on wild berry coulis topped with biscuit collapse TARTUFO 9.5 dutch chocolate gelato with almond glace fruit, rolled in swiss chocolate AFFOGATO (GF) 12.9 Coffee, vanilla ice cream served with your option of liqueur TIRAMISU 13.9 sponge finger biscuits soaked in Tia Maria and espresso layered with mascarpone CHOCOLATE BROWNIE (GF) 12.9 rich chocolate brownie served with a chocolate ganache and vanilla ice cream CRÈME BRULEE (GF) 12.9 vanilla bean custard with a burnt toffee crust CHEESE PLATTER Your alternative of 80gm pieces of Brie, Gorgonzola 80gm 15.0 and Pecorino served with house quince paste, 160gm 22.0 dried fruits, walnuts and warm crusty bread 240gm 28.0

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